Announcing View “Building in a box” with Niagara Framework

We are excited to announce the launch of a new combined offering with Tridium, a pioneer in open infrastructure technology, that runs Tridium’s innovative containerized Niagara Framework within View’s Secure Edge platform, creating a transformative turn-key infrastructure solution for building operations and management.

Our combined solution of secure edge infrastructure and flexible building automation provides the ‘building in a box’ our customers have been asking for,” said Nitesh Trikha, Chief Product Officer. “Our customers can deploy View Secure Edge to any building regardless of existing systems and gain a seamless and consistent way to manage their networks and security, standardize systems like access control with secure tunnels to the cloud, and now standardize building management and automation with Niagara.”

View’s Secure Edge is a plug-and-play solution that enables IT teams to securely secure their building networks and devices, connect their buildings to the cloud, and deploy edge applications for real-time processing, insights, and optimizations. The Secure Edge platform supports edge compute with cloud-based container management and orchestration of apps at the edge. For high performance and resiliency, Secure Edge also supports clustering to create a full cloud at the edge.

The integration of Tridium’s containerized solution will further enhance the capabilities of View’s Secure Edge by bringing Tridium’s industry leading Niagara Framework for device-to-enterprise applications. It serves as a central console for connecting real-time operational data to the people and systems that manage workflows in smart buildings. The Tridium partnership also adds another application to View’s growing edge compute marketplace, further expanding the range of solutions available to customers to improve the security and operations of their buildings.

The partnership between View Inc. and Tridium Niagara represents a significant step forward in smart building technology, offering customers a robust, secure, and flexible solution for building automation and management. The ability to deploy new Tridium Niagara container application will be available to all View Secure Edge customers when Niagara 4.13 goes live in August.

Visit the Tridium booth at Realcomm 2023 this week in Las Vegas to find out more about View’s Smart Building Cloud or the containerized version of Niagara.