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8 Questions to Ask Your Cybersecurity Vendors Now

Buildings are among the top 3 attack targets out of 19 categories tracked by Microsoft. High-profile attacks on MGM and Johnson Controls in recent weeks highlight the importance of identifying and closing gaps in cybersecurity defenses now. For Cybersecurity Month, View Smart Building Cloud released a guide to help Building Operators obtain a critical set of cybersecurity services from their vendors.

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New SEC Cybersecurity Rules: A Guide for Commercial Real Estate

On July 26, 2023, the SEC unveiled new cybersecurity regulations affecting public companies, real estate trusts (REITs), and private real estate owners operating as vendors to public tenants. The rules require rapid reporting of cyber incidents, ongoing threat monitoring, and transparent risk management. The article offers OT professionals a concise guide to adapting to these regulations, emphasizing a unified approach to cybersecurity that involves all organizational levels.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Smart Buildings: Edge Compute and Containerization for Enhancing Efficiency, Security, and Flexibility

Discover how the integration of edge compute and containerization can revolutionize smart buildings, providing enhanced efficiency, security, and flexibility. Learn how cloud-managed edge computing offers real-time decision-making and enhanced privacy, while containerization boosts security and simplifies management. Explore the benefits of combining these technologies and how they enable efficient resource allocation, scalability, and streamlined deployment. Stay ahead of the curve and unlock the full potential of smart buildings with View Secure Edge and Tridium’s Niagara framework.

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Get rid of your VPN. Now!

As the smart buildings sector becomes increasingly connected and remote work becomes the norm, VPNs have become a common attack vector. This article is important for anyone in smart buildings to learn the risks of VPNs and alternatives for remote access to operational technology.

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6 Ways to Secure Smart Buildings

The advent of smart building technology has brought about numerous benefits such as increased efficiency, improved comfort, and reduced energy consumption. However, the adoption of these technologies also comes with significant risks, including private data leaks, operational outages, and associated reputational damage. These risks have been amplified by the increasing complexity of smart building systems, and the growing number of connected devices and vendors in the ecosystem. In this article, we will cover the six best ways to secure smart building technology and why they are important.

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