Your building network should be an opportunity, not a liability.

Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is a business problem, not just an technology issue. With the rise of digital buildings and connected devices, security risks are abundant. These risks can lead to reputational damage, financial losses, and potential downtime. The average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million and it took an average of 75 days to contain. The View Smart Building Cloud offers Zero-trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) for new and existing networks, including secure tunnels with end-to-end encryption, certificate-based device authentication, and secure remote access with multi-factor authentication. Customers who have implemented ZTNA using our Secure Edge and Remote Access have seen a 90% reduction in cybersecurity risk and a 75% reduction in vendor costs.

View Secure Edge SM

View Secure Edge is a plug-and-play solution that enables IT teams to securely connect buildings to the cloud, centrally manage building networks and OT devices, and deploy edge applications for real-time processing, insights, and optimizations.
  • Zero-trust Network & Device Security
  • Centralized Cloud Management & Visibility
  • Secure Tunnels to the Cloud (SDWAN)
  • MFA and Certificate based authentication
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View Remote Access SM

View Remote Access is a secure agentless access portal that reduces the cost and cybersecurity risks of maintaining building OT by providing vendors and technicians with secure, auditable, time-bound remote access to building networks and devices.
  • Agentless mobile-friendly access
  • Centralized identity and policy management
  • Comprehensive visibility and audit trails
  • APIs for SIEM and SOAR integration
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Verified Secure

Penetration Tested

Hardened OS and devices - 3rd party penetration tested by experienced, ethical hackers.

3rd Party Verified and Endorsed

Real Estate Cyber Consortium approved technology and meets Google's device certification for digital buildings.