Drive experience with data

Building owners and occupiers are investing in the occupant experience to retain customers and employees, spending $2.50-5.00 per sq ft on amenities, tenant experience, and activations. However, they lack data to evaluate the success of these investments or target future investments. Engagement apps provide limited information, leaving businesses unaware of factors that impact the end user experience such as elevator wait times and thermal comfort. View Building Performance brings all this data together, giving you the insights you need to make informed decisions.

View Building Performance SM

View Building Performance is a multi-layer insights application that enables operators and occupiers to understand all the factors driving occupant experience needed to improve designs and services.
  • Real-time and historical occupancy and traffic insights
  • Insights from badge access data to identify trends in attendance frequency and usage.
  • Desk and meeting room utilization data to optimize design of spaces.
  • RESET certified data platform for measuring air quality and thermal comfort.
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Partner Marketplace

Our Building Performance product is supported by an ecosystem of partners in our View Partner Marketplace. The marketplace offers applications and pre-integrated devices to unlock occupancy insights, desk usage, and air quality.
  • Turn-key deployment with integrated building and space occupancy sensors such as Butlr.
  • Understand thermal comfort with pre-integrated sensors like Awair.
  • Simplified data acquisition from building systems with partners like Mapped.
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