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IoT and digital transformation are driving the adoption of connected devices, with an estimated 55.7 billion expected by 2025. However, 58% of businesses struggle to scale their smart building initiatives due to siloed data and difficulties connecting building systems to the cloud. This lack of interoperability leads to annual waste of $0.23/sf. The View Smart Building Cloud offers an end-to-end solution that works with existing networks, devices, and SaaS providers to centralize data for insights and automation. Compared to other solutions, our platform simplifies deployments and has show savings of $1.6m in installation costs for 100 building portfolio.

View Building Performance SM

View Building Performance is a multi-layer insights application that enables building managers to optimize and automate building performance with comprehensive, contextual, and actionable insights consolidated from disparate on-premises and cloud-based systems.
  • Independent data layer with sensor and device integrations.
  • Real-time insights and historical trends on occupancy & tenant engagement
  • RESET certified data platform with health & wellness insights
  • Energy consumption insights and ESG reporting tools
  • Tenant-facing dashboards for energy, air quality and access control data.
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View Secure Edge SM

View Secure Edge is a plug-and-play solution that enables IT teams to securely connect buildings to the cloud, centrally manage building networks and devices, and deploy edge applications for real-time processing, insights, and optimizations.
  • Secure Tunnels to the Cloud (SDWAN)
  • Automated device discovery
  • Edge run-time environment and marketplace for smart building applications
  • Clustering for high-availability and resiliency
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Partner Marketplace SM

Our Secure Edge and Building Performance products are supported by an ecosystem of partners in our View Partner Marketplace. The marketplace offers applications that run at the edge, connected directly to the BMS and building devices, to optimize operations. Customers looking to add more data sources and sensors can also use our marketplace to find solutions with turn-key integration.
  • Industry leading applications for building automation like SwitchAutomation and Nantum.
  • Turn-key sensor integrations such as Awair and Butlr
  • Simplified data acquisition with partners like Mapped.
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SmartScore Certified

View Building Performance is a SmartScore accredited solution, recognized by WiredScore for its exceptional in-depth delivery in the Health and Wellbeing elements of the scorecard. Using our platform can deliver up to 27 credits towards your building's certification.
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