OT is going to the cloud - but not with VPNs

For better access to data, continuous feature and security updates, for centralized operations and monitoring. For all the reasons Enterprise IT went to the cloud.

But OT has unique needs. How will OT get there?

With a Secure Access Service Edge - not with yesterday's VPNs!

VPNs are a weak link in any OT cloud strategy

Spring of 2024 Attacks

For the last several years, the smart advice has been to replace VPNs with a Secure Access Services Edge.

Now, across March and April 2024, VPNs of all kinds were under attack. Bad actors, even state actors know that with VPNs, one guessed or stolen password gains access to everything else on the network - unless Zero Trust is in place from the inside out.

View Secure Edge is the Zero Trust platform for OT that requires no rip and replace of other OT systems and no new skills from the OT technicians.

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A Secure Edge is much better than a VPN.

Watch an IT and OT parable about security.

We are working with customers and partners around the world to migrate away from VPNs to Zero Trust Secure Edge services to enable their OT journey to the cloud.
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