Get your building SmartScore Certified

View's Smart Building Cloud products are SmartScore accredited solutions. By leveraging these certified products, View's customers can achieve over 42 points towards their building's SmartScore certification, validating their investment in building technology and ultimately leading to higher rents and lower vacancy.

Achieve up to


SmartScore Credits

Achieve up to Technology Foundations 16 credits

View's Secure Edge and Remote Access are fundamental infrastructure for smart buildings, providing foundational cybersecurity, secure connectivity and edge compute. With these products deployed our customers can achieve 10 SmartScore credits directly, and the products can enable another 6 credits with our built in integrations and applications partners.
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Achieve up to 26 credits for User Functionality

View's Building Performance data platform provide property owners insights on operations, sustainability and tenant engagement. Our product delivers 10 credits natively, and through integrations with sensors and other systems can achieve another 16 credits.
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The benefits of SmartScore and WiredScore

Getting SmartScore or WiredScore certification for your buildings appeals to technology savvy tenants and can increase rents and decrease vacancy.

27.9% Higher Rents

for WiredScore buildings in major U.S. Metros

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3.8% Lower Vacancy

for certified buildings compared to uncertified buildings.

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$6.50 / sqft Higher Rents

in WiredScore certified properties compared to non-certified buildings

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