Realize the promise of smart buildings

Introducing View's Smart Building CloudSM suite of products. The first complete, cloud-native platform for smart buildings

Improve cybersecurity

Decrease risk by 90% with zero-trust architecture and remote access.

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Reduce operational costs

Reduce OT management costs and save up to 75% on vendor expenses.

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Maximize energy efficiency

Lower energy consumption up to 15% and monitor ESG goals with IoT data and insights.

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Transform user experience

Optimize investment in employee and tenant experience with actionable insights.

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View' Smart Building Cloud products solve smart buildings from on-premise to the cloud.

View's suite of products is the only open and modular platform in the industry that has all the infrastructure needed to make a building ``smart``, from on-premises to the cloud. Our solutions allow you to secure and connect your buildings to the cloud, centralize your data in a single, independent data layer, and deploy data and edge applications to improve every aspect of your building.

Secure your building and accelerate smart building transformation

View Secure Edge SM

Securely connect your buildings to the cloud, centrally manage building networks and systems, and deploy edge applications for real-time processing, insights, and optimizations.

View Remote Access SM

Reduce the cost and cybersecurity risks of maintaining smart buildings by providing vendors and technicians with secure, auditable, time-bound remote access to building networks and devices.

Optimize Building Operations & Improve Experience

View Building Performance SM

View Building Performance is a multi-layer insights application that enables building managers to optimize and automate building performance with comprehensive, contextual, and actionable insights consolidated from disparate on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Partner Marketplace

Accelerate your smart building transformation with turn-key deployments of industry leading applications and hardware.

Here what customers and the industry are saying

RXR centralized over 1B data points from more than 1,000 connected IoT devices with View Building Performance

“View provides the enterprise-grade technology backbone to easily and securely add new devices and capabilities, as well as the real-time actionable insights needed to capture immediate business value.”

Scott Rechler Chairman and CEO, RXR
Kilroy Realty saved $1M annually in OT security management costs with View Secure Edge

“Our 14 million square feet of Class A commercial real estate is more unified than ever, and our building perimeters are secure. Most importantly, we’ve improved tenant satisfaction.”

Bayron Lopez Director of OT, Kilroy Realty
Secure Edge powers Rexnord’s Process & Motion Control Business

“This adds to our overall digital productivity platform that minimizes our customers’ unplanned downtime and helps avoid high-cost repairs. It is an important piece of our expanding connected-product offering and allows us to focus on delivering best-in-class, integrated solutions to our customers.”

Rick Morse VP of Digital Solutions, Rexnord
Emerson uses Remote Access for visiblity

“We were seeking a solution that can help us to remotely connect to our off-site equipment for reliability and operational performance without interfering with operations and IT. We’re now able to remotely access and monitor our instruments and proactively fix issues without interfering with business operations.”

Tinh Phan Senior Reliability Engineer, Emerson
Gartner recognizes Secure Edge

“Enterprise architecture and innovation leaders, along with smart city stakeholders contending with IoT projects that require federation of highly varied connected asset types, should consider this solution. Where relevant, it can help to simplify and secure IoT implementations while at the same time reducing overall ongoing operational requirements.”

Godfrey Chua Analyst, Gartner
Mapped deploys with Secure Edge

“We’re thrilled to partner with View and make building data more accessible, actionable, and secure. Mapped is committed to enabling property owners to own their data in a clean consistent format across their portfolio; this partnership will ensure customers deploying our solution also benefit from strong out-of-the-box cybersecurity protection and simplified network and data infrastructure.”

Shaun Cooley Founder CEO, Mapped
Spire streamlined operations with View

“Now, I can automatically connect to each building at any time and from the comfort of my own office. There is no other product available in commercial real estate that is as easy to use and secure.”

Jordan Crow IT director, SPIRE

Deployed in over 800 locations and 150m sqft of buildings globally

Recent News for Smart Building Cloud

SOC 2 Compliance

We are proud to announce View's Smart Building Cloud is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, demonstrating our commitment to data security, availability, and privacy.

Protect OT in One Day

Explore how our SASE platform, Secure Edte, provides a practical and accessible strategy for dramatically improving cybersecurity infrastructure while facilitating the modernization of legacy systems in a cost-effective and manageable manner.

8 Cybersecurity Questions

Buildings are top 3 attack targets. Recent high-profile attacks highlight the importance of identifying and closing cybersecurity gaps now. For Cybersecurity Month, View Smart Building Cloud released a guide for Building Operators.

IT - OT Convergence

Convergence of IT and OT was once unthinkable due to their disparate performance needs and the potential risks involved. However, the promise of enhanced efficiency and innovation from combining IT and OT data is driving their integration in today's interconnected world.