8 Questions to Ask Your Cybersecurity Vendors Now

For Cybersecurity Month, View Smart Building Cloud released a guide to help Building Operators obtain a critical set of cybersecurity services from their vendors.

Buildings are among the top 3 attack targets out of 19 categories tracked by Microsoft. High-profile attacks on MGM and Johnson Controls in recent weeks highlight the importance of identifying and closing gaps in cybersecurity defenses now.

The Guide provides both the questions and the context as to why each question is important specifically for Building Operational Environments (OT.)

The Guide’s questions draw on best practices from Zero-trust architecture, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework,  and SOC2 Security compliance standards including practices around encryption, isolation, detection, software hygiene, and secure edge computing.

Download your copy of 8 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cybersecurity Vendors Now